Welcome to Lighthouse IT.

We are a company that is focused on helping clients get business benefits from technology. We believe that technology can unlock value in businesses and we are passionate about reducing costs of technology to organisations.

Lighthouse IT provides a full range of IT services from Analysis, Design, Build and Operation of IT systems. We also provide out-sourcing and in-sourcing services where suitable for the client.

Lighthouse has also developed its own systems to meet customer’s needs to manage business processes and to provide business insight.

We believe in challenging the status-quo and looking to the future with our clients to define the systems and technology we need at a price that ensures we are competitive in today’s environment.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Finding Balance
We strive to provide a balanced view of technology and implement solutions that are in our customers best interests.


A fair share
Delivering value-for-money solutions is in everyone's best interest. 


Knowledge Support
We take care of the technology to allow our customers to take care their business.